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Meet Our Team

Dedication. Passion. Commitment

This new chapter of Kentucky S.A.V.E. started with a simple helping hand. When former president, Ellen Banks, needed a place to help future rescues we opened our doors and were ready for anything. Then, when Ellen's life was ready to take on new a new chapter, we were ready again...and Kentucky S.A.V.E. took on a new chapter too! 
This new team is small but our hearts are big! We are dedicated to our community and ready to help as many animals as we can! 


Ashley Renton


Ashley  has been dedicated to helping rescue animals of all shapes and sizes. Every aspect of her life is for her animals and the animals she can save. Her personal time, professional time, and free time is all for them. She is determined to provide a space that is safe and is as close to home as possible until each animal finds their forever home. Nothing makes Ashley happier than seeing a happy ending. 


Heather Larrison

Board Lead/ Rescue Coordinator

Heather has been working with rescues for 13 years. She is determined to find the perfect home for each rescue that comes through our doors. Heather is especially moved by the difficult cases and loves to spend the extra time needed. She has a deep compassion and understanding of each animal and their individual personalities and needs.


Rebekah Christian 

Board Member

Rebekah has been working with rescues for 6 years. She has a soft spot saved in her heart for each rescue and is always ready to help find the perfect fit. Rebekah is taking classes to be a professional trainer and loves more than anything to see each rescue improve and grow after they are saved. 


Mystic Pippin

Rescue Tech

Mystic has always had a passion for animals. She has known since she was a little girl that this is what she wanted to do with her life. Mystic is a place of peace and a sense of home for the rescues entering our program, what they don't know is they are that same peace for her too! The rescue world is her "zen", she loves nothing more than to help heal them as much as they help her. 

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Kristine Woody

Fundraising Coordinator

Kristine has a passion for rescues of all shapes and sizes. She knows how much care each rescue needs and works tirelessly to help ensure money is raised to help with vet costs and daily care. She loves to see a special case get the care and recovery they need! 

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